While the details must remain slim, I have witnessed something that, as a Sys Admin, angers me, and makes me cry with laughter at the same time. We’ve all probably seen emails from people who have a 12 mile paragraph of legal-mumbo-jumbo-confidental-private-such-and-such-law disclaimers at the end?
I hate those. It’s stupid, unenforceable, a waste ob bandwidth, and just plain bad netiquete, esp when you’re on things email lists that get archived.

Well, I know someone who’s place of daily entertainment decided to append such a disclaimer to the end of every outgoing email, at the advice of their legal council of course. Needless to say. those types of disclaimers only serve to point out how paranoid or ignorant a place really is IMHO.

Well, sure enough, the irony kicks in. Weeks later, that same legal coucil sends a confidental email with attached confidential document to an incorrect email address that gets routed to a bunch of regular joes instead of the indended higher up recipient. To top that off, the aformentioned legal council had no legal confidental disclaimer at the bottom of their emails, as they tell other people to do. Forget the whole fact that if the email is so damn confidental, encrypt the fucking emails!

Fitting I think.

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