I’ve go way to many small things to remember to do today. Pay my truck payment. Mail out Creative Audigy2 and Inspiron 6600 rebates. Stop by the body shop and take a look as some rust on my 7 month old paint job. Pick up papers from work. Pay the bills. Bla Bla Bla Bla.

Well, the truck payment is done. I’ll be so happy when I make my last payment in November. That will be nice having that $ in my pocket for a change.

The rebates were mailed. They were both worth $30.00 each; a grand total of $60.00 for those reading. :-) So of course, I deemed it worth the $7.00 to send them certified mail so I don’t hear and excuses in the future.

Now, for my paint job. Long story short. Last year, I paid ~$2500 for have my front fenders painted, my tailgate painted, my read fenders and bedrails repaired and paint, and the entire rocker panel area of both side of the truck repainted including adding an additional layer of rock guard.
While my Dodge is a 1998, it still have less than 35,000 mile on it. So paying for a strip and paint job is well worth it if I’ll get another 5 years without rust.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I notices a rust bubble on the right side during the first real cleaning when winter stopped. I should also mention that most collision places repairs and paint doesn’t include any sort of warranty of guarantee when it comes to rust. However, I made the call anyways. It’s not like I can just let it get worse.

Much to my surprise, my previous salesman was very understanding and friendly. He and others agreed that while they don’t guarantee rust repairs, they also didn’t feel that grinding it to the metal, priming, painting, rock guarding should have any problems this early. As it stands now, I’m under the impression that they are going to repair it without charge to me. (Although, while they’re working on that side, I may have them fix something else that I will pay for). That is what good customer service is supposed to be like. That act of sensibility will ensure that they receive my business in the future, and that I will steer friend toward them for repairs as well.

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