I found this little nugget over at the Punk Princess by way of the Recently Updated list on MovableType.org

“…I could just scream (particularly from the gentleman who was extolling the virtues of firearms while letting his 4 year old son play 2 inches from a loaded 9mm pistol).”

Two words for people like that: Natural Selection. :-) I’m a strong believer in it.

My girlfriend [there, i said it in public, are you happy? :-P] is a nurse at the local childrens hospital. This means I get to hear stories all the time. But the real treat is when we’re out and I hear the stories about kids falling out of shopping carts, or see kids playing in the street, or kids without seatbelts or helmets on. Two things will almost always be heard coming out of our mouths: “Thanks for the kidneys!”, and “Natural Selection.”. To bad for the children their parents are dolts.

I’ve been told she’s thanked total strangers for their childrens organs in grocery stores, but have yet to see it first hand. :-)

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