Well, ok, it’s not exactly a scuffle, but a debate I never get enough of. Fixed font sizing, CSS hiding, custom stylsheets per browser, and relative font sizes. Mark Pilgrim decided to try something new (never a bad thing) and use mod_rewrite to send different stylesheets to different browsers. That’s certainly one way to do it.

T Bryce Yehl decided to chime up about that approach (updated post here).

Personally, my opinion is why bother. So Mozilla treats font-size: small; different that IE treats font-size: small;. I certainly don’t care, and I don’t think others should either. If your browsers default font size is 12 and another browsers default is 14. Who cares. In most cases, you can change that default. When you can’t, get another browser. Worst case (or best in my opinion), change your stylesheet. Hell let users supply their own stylesheet for your site. Isn’t that what CSS is all about? Don’t like your browsers defaults? Tweak the user stylesheet. Don’t have that option either? Get a browser with a clue. And let’s not forget, if the site in question uses fixed size fonts, bitch to them too.

I decided to go the route of using xx-smallxx-large for font sizing. Don’t like that? Well guess what, specify your own stylesheet on the prefs page, or tweak your user stylesheet. Options. It’s all about options.

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