Heads up! I finally got tired of the site as it was and started work and the next major revision.

Among the changes are:

  • Simplify XSP/XML page schema
  • Fewer DIVs, more symantic markup. i.e. strong tag instead the bold tag
  • Move from XHTML Transitional to XHTML Strict
  • Change XSLT engines from XML::Sablotron to XML::LibXSLT
  • Ravamp CSS Layout
  • Printabe / Text Only Stylesheets
  • Relative Font Sizing (CSS)

Yeah, that’ll keep me busy. Actually, because of how this site is constructed, it only took 4 hours last night to get the schema changed, XHTML converted and get the XSLT engines swapped. So consider this an official warning:

This site will be updated soon without CSS layout for a while. In other words, it will be like lookin at HTML1.

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