For anyone in the Cleveland, Ohio area tonight, you’re probably watching the news stations ramble about an armed gunman in the Peter B. Lewis building at Case Western Reserve shooting people and holding others hostage.
During the news, the police chief came out and pouted and complained that the news stations were filing the SWAT team getting ready, and pointing the cameras towards the building, and showing the tank and SWAT heading towards the building. He didn’t want jeopardize their safety and asked the TV stations to stop. Fooey.

Now I understand the argument, but that’s what the press does. They’ve always reported every little nugget of info from behind the police lines. As long as they’re behind the police lines, then I say film it all. Which brings me to my thoughts tonight: I can’t wait until the relationship between blogs and news site comes to television and news stations. I long for the day when everyone in the crowd is their own portable TV station that I can subscribe to, and see the real news by real people, unfettered of any political agenda or any do what I say hand of political correctness. None of this bureaucratic Pavlovs dog crap.

Of course when that happens, then we’ll have to amend the DMCA so you can’t film news within RIAA/MPAA licensed city clocks and locations.

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