I’ve had the itch for a while now to upgrade all of the antivirus software in the house, but I refuse to give Symantec any more money. They’re the Microsoft of the AV world. The stuff keeps getting slower and more expensive. In a time where viri and spyware/adware are running rampant, $50 per machine is way too much for AV software.

I used AVG version 6, the free version, for a while. It’s ok, but it doesn’t catch a lot of things, and even then, it won’t remove half of them.

After searching and reading reviews, I stumbled across BitDefender 8.0 Standard Edition. Not only is it highly rated, but it’s only $29.95. Even better, it gets cheaper the more you buy! I got 4 copies for $67.08! Kick ass! Better yet, every renewal comes at %50 off for existing customers, so next year I pay $33.54 for 4 computers!

Not only is it good software, but the price kicks ass for securing a 4 computer household.

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