Warning: Strong language ahead!

Let’s just get this out of the way. Courtesy of George Carlin; Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits. Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck. Bastard. Moron. Fucking Retards.

Just when you thought Best Buy Service Center couldn’t be any fucking more retards, they just may surprise you. For those just joing out program, I bring you the following timeline of piss poor customer service:

  1. Purchased HP N5450 Laptop + Extended Warranty
  2. Power jack dies after a year and a half.
  3. Take to Best Buy on Dec. 22, 2002 for repair.
  4. Wait 2 weeks. They order motherboard and don’t use it.
  5. Wait another 2 weeks. The order jack and resolder the motherboard.
  6. Pick up laptop on Jan 17, 2003. Boots fine in the store.
  7. Return home. Laptop stops working after the 15 minutes.
  8. Return to Best Buy that night. Laptop boots. Got excuse about power surge.
  9. Return home. Laptop still won’t boot plugged into UPS.
  10. Remove battery. Won’t boot in the morning.
  11. Return to Best Buy for re-repair.
  12. Call manager on Jan 20, 2003. Will "rush repair".
  13. Call repair center on Jan 27, 2003. Laptop hasn’t even been touched.
  14. Motherboard arriving today, Jan 29, 2003.
  15. Install mobo today ot tomorrow.
  16. Ship back to Best Buy on Thirsday, Jan 30th, 2003.

As if my fucking patience isn’t thin enough already, here are tonights events:

  1. Best Buy called today, Monday, Feb. 3rd, 2003.
  2. Arrive at store. Laptop is there. They forgot the fucking power adapter!!!!!!. Now keep in mind, they asked for the power adapter to be sent with the laptop this time. It’s in the computer and on the packing list when it was sent. And of course, the repair checklist was check marked and verified on the “verify accessories” option.
  3. After numerous “nothing I can do” excuses, they “find” an adapter.
  4. Plug it in. Power it up. It appears to work.
  5. Return home.
  6. Plug laptop in. No fucking sound. I should’ve checked at the store, but I figured it was at 0% volume where we usually leave it.
  7. Shut down laptop. Try turning it on and using the front panel controls as a CD player. Nothing. Not one fucking thing on the front display works.
  8. Call Consumer Relations at 1-888-BESTBUY (1-888-237-8289)
  9. Talk to tier 1 idiot. Ask for manager.
  10. Talk to manager. “Take it back for them to check”. Yeah, wait for them to ship it back to their service center for another 2 weeks. Fuck you.
  11. Won’t give me Regional Supervisor name. Click

Needless to say, I’m very pissed. It is very apparent that Best Buy doesn’t give a fuck about their customer service. It is also apparent that there is only one way to get this issue resolved.
Go to the store and speak to the store manager, loud enough for customers to hear and see my displeasure.

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