So the girlfriend calls Best Buy today to see when the store or general manager was on duty. In a nutshell, she was told the we were ‘lucky to be Best Buy customers’ and we were ‘lucky to have a Service Plan’ and that their repair folks are ‘the best team there’. Who the fuck do these people think they are? They said that the general manager would we there on Thursday and was not there today. (See below. This was a lie.)

I’ve known quite a few people that worked at Best Buy, one of which actually did laptop repair. No staff. No training. Just 19 year olds who fuck up hardware and leave it to the older people to salvage.

I’m going to explode I swear.

First, I don’t care what the excuse. As a customer, I should not have to sit and wait for the 3rd repair in 6 weeks because their repair personnal are not compitant. Then this “there’s nothing I can do attitude” is complete bullshit.
Customer relations could fix this with one phone call. The store manager could fix this on the spot.

And to that little prick [Adam] working behind the repair counter last night, there IS something you can do. Take pride in your fucking work, and in the company you work for. The company name on your badge is the same as the repair center. Best Buy. If your company is as retard as they seem, speak out. At the very least, make a fucking effort to keep the customer happy and act like you care. That is what you can do regardless of whether you do actual repairs or not.


So I’ve dropped the laptop off for repair #3 in the last 6+ weeks. At least this time, Adam was nice compared to last night. I had no energy left to argue after a day of stewing with blood pressure that was god-knows how high.
They’ve coughed up a $50.00 gift certificate, but chances are i may never spend it if they continue to drive me over the edge. Regardless of how this turns out, Best Buy, BBB, and HP will receive letters from me on the matter.

At this point, I think I’ll
let them hang themselves. If the laptop returns yet again with functional deficiencies, they will have no excuses and no recourse. We shall see.

By the way. When I arrived at the Best Buy, I saw a friend who works there. Guess who has been in the store all day? The general manager. Nice lie Best Buy.

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