I hate beans. I love hot sauce. Enter beanless chili.

- 2 lbs. 90% ground beef - 2 lbs of beef stew cubes - 3 29oz cans of tomato sauce - 1 23oz bottle of Franks RedHot - 2 tblspoons of minced garlic - 2 large spanish onions - 3 Jalapenos - 2 green belle peppers - 2 red belle peppers - 1-2 orange/yellow belle peppers (if you want to tone down the hot)

Dice the first onion. Put it in the pot with the ground beef and cook away. While that is cooking, dice the beef stew cubes. When that’s done, put it in the pot with the ground beef and cook away.

Deseed the jalapenos and put them in the the beef. Same goes for all of the belle peppers. Cook until everything is done.

After all of the contents are cooked. dice and add the second onion and garlic. Add the tomato sauce, the entire bottle of Franks RedHot and about 4 cups of water. Add in some dried mustard. Boil until the sauce thickens then bring it down to low.

Eat away. Have the antacids handy. :-)

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