I’ve been waiting for this bug fix release so I could finally get pipe characters to show up properly. Congrats and thanks to everyone who made this release happen.

The AxKit development team are proud to announce the release of AxKit

http://axkit.org/download/AxKit-1.6.1.tar.gz or your local CPAN mirror (may take 24 hours to propogate)

This is a bug fix and minor feature release. Highlights of this release

  • A new AxExternalEncoding option which allows you to have filesystems and other external resources that aren’t stored as UTF-8.
  • A finalized AxHandleDirs option that allows Apache’s directory handlers to return XML representing the directory to AxKit for further processing.
  • A re-architecture of the internals of AxKit’s XSP engine, including:

    • All node building is done in separate functions rather than direct DOM calls to reduce the size of XSP code
    • Major memory and reduction of XSP generated perl code
    • XSP pages can inherit from a different base class and implement wrapper code easily
  • Major fixes to “axkit:” URIs (i.e. they actually work now for most cases)
  • Fixed caching when AxGzipOutput is off
  • Slightly improved demo site code
  • Added AxDebugTidy option to use Perl::Tidy on XSP debug dumps
  • Many bug fixes, debug log improvements, and code cleanups
  • An updated axkit.org web site – http://axkit.org/

We hope you enjoy this release, and do keep the bug reports flowing.


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