I usually consider spammers as the scum of the Earth, but I recently realized they have a meatspace counterpart: ambulance chasers.

Last week, some old nut rearended Margeaux at the circle (more on that later). It was a slow impact, noone was hurt, and the bumper barely showed a scratch.

Ever since then, she has gotten anywhere from 2-6 letters a day from lawyers and chiropractors. Fucking losers. I have no confidence in, nor would I ever give my business to people who have to resort to getting their customers that way. That shit should be illegal.

One chiropractor went so far as to leave a message on our answering machine, assumedly using the phone number on the police report.

If it were me, I would send a very nasty reponse to all of those people and along with a copy to the Better Business Bureau and maybe the State’s Attourney General letting them know what I think of their ambulance chasing ways.

As for the “circle”, Tallmadge has the most retarded center of town, it’s no wonder there are accidents there all the time.

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