For anyone paying attention, I snagged a new Antec case a few weeks ago. My one complaint was that the case has a Firewire connector on the front with 6 individual pins on the other end to connect to a motherboard. Sounds good, except that that are hardly any mobos with onboard firewire, and most people probably have a PCI Firewire card with one internal 6 pin connector; making that case port useless. Or so I thought.

After searching the net with little results, I decided to send Antec a mini-nastygram, and yesterday I got a response. For ~$5 and shipping, Antec will send you a replacement cable that has a 6 pin male connector on the end (to connect to a PCI Firewire card internal port). So I ordered and it’s on the way. It sure would be nice if they’d put that part on their website. It sounds like it doesn’t even have a real part number. I can only imagine how many people need this part. From the looks of the usenet postings, not many people know about it. Go figure.

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