So, we’ve been working on the kitchen for the last couple of weeks. Nothin to major. New flooring. New paint. New Trim/Moulding.
We know we wanted to eventually replace the sink, but didn’t think now was the time.

Well, apparently St. Murphy didn’t agree. :-) This morning, the garbage disposal broke and fell off of the sink.
So, we got to put in a new sink, faucet, and garbage disposal this evening. How entertaining.

Now that everything doesn’t leak when we turn the water on, I’m going to bed. :-P

Hopefully tomorrow night I can tackle:

  • why firewire drive stopped working in my new game rig, yet works in my lappy
  • why my front USB 2.0 ports on the case only work as 1.1 when they worked as 2.0 on my old computer
  • why it won’t overclock past a 3.3 :-(
  • get the rest of the trim cut and stained
  • clean the office
  • reassemble my old computer
  • sleep
  • cure for cancer
  • meaning of life
  • UFO proof
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