Cheesus my brain hurtz. The accessibility navigation links are now in place thanks to a little example from Dive Into Accessibility. If you are using IE, this means nothing to you. If you are using a text reader, it may mean a easier navigation. If you are using Mozilla 1+/Netscape 6+, select View -> Show/Hide -> Site Navigation Bar -> Show Only As Needed. This will enable a tool bar at the top that interprets the navigation link tags; things like Top, First, Next, Previous, Last. There are also some site-wide links, like Copyright, Author, and Help. If you see anything that should go to somewhere other than where it does, give me a shout out.

This is turning out to be a process with a life of it’s own. One you get started on accessibility, standards compliance and Doing The Right Thing, it’s hard to stop. I guess I’ve caught the religion.

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