I feel like and absentte landlord for this site right now. Work is burning me out with multiple “high priority” overdue projects at once, and things have been busy around here.

The truck is is sold and the proceeds have paid off all the appliances for this house and my credit card, which is now closed. More on that later.

Now it looks as if the old house may be close to selling as well, which means I can pay off my 2 month old car loan. That puts us down to a single mortgage and car loan which means we can finally get “settled” again.

Now back to the credit card. It was a CapitalOne card with a semi-crappy rate. Every damn month or so, those idiots would send me “Now, new low rates if you sign up now” snail mail spam, which was stupid considering I was already their customer. Everytime I would call to see if they would lower the rate, and they refused. Now, when I called to payoff the card and cancel my account, they wanted to know why. So I told them about the monthly offers and the refusals to lower my rate.

Of course, now that I’m closing my account they want to lower my rate. I told them to get bent. They had their chance. That was fun. :-)

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