We’ve all got one. The computer bag. The geek sack. The nerd purse. Full of mysterious wonders and trinkets. Mine got a few new additions today adde to the list of things that I almost always need at a meetup or weekend nerd camp.

Rosewill SATA/IDE 2.5/3.5 to USB Adapter

Best case scenario you need to copy and old drive to a new one to upgrade. Worst case you get the “my hard drive/computer is dead and I don’t have backups” phone call from a relative. In my case, I need to wipe a lot of old hard drives securely before recycling the hardware. In any case, being able to connect darn near any IDE/SATA device to your USB port can be bad on the road.


PPA 4 Port USB Squid

While my laptop has 3 ports, by the time I slap a mouse, ipod and keyboard on that, I’m out of luck if I need to attach a drive. IF it’s not me, it’s someone else. Just a good all around thing to have.


Philips Retractable USB 2.0 Adapter Kit

Type A. Type B. Mini A. Mini B. Micro AB. Micro B. Lions, Tigers and Bears! Cameras. Phones. Drives. Card Readers. Only 1 cable needed and throw away the others (except for the ipod cables. Damn you Apple!).


Logitech Laser Nano 450 Mouse

Not too small for a notebook mouse. Not as bulky as a normal mouse. Scroll wheel w/side to side scroll wheel buttons. Always need a mouse, or someone else always forgets theirs.


Western Digital MyPassport

Nothing brings a nerd development weekend to a halt quicker than completely borking your system. Keep a portable drive with you. Keep Time MAchine up to date. And keep an OSX disc with you. Reinstall/retore and you’re back in business.


GE In-Ear Headphones w/Inline Mic

In normal mode, you can use these to listen to your tunes and rock out some code. In crisi mode, you’re phone has died and these double as a mic to use with Google/VoiP/Gizmodo.


Monster ScreenClean

A clean laptop screen is a happy laptop screen. Be the most popular person at the table.


Power Strip

I usually leave this at home except for the long weekends or crowded meetups. You can never go wrong with a power strip.

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