“Two rings of programmers hell. The two rings of programmer hell are UTC time conversion and text encodings/codepages and low level encryption. Three! Our three rings of programmer hell…”

Apparently it wasn’t just enough to figure out how to create a .NET encoding for HPROMAN8. Today I spent time figuring out how to do dynamic encryption in COM of the cart data being posted to PayPal.

Most of their examples had nothing to do with .NET, ASP.NET, ASP, COM, or even VB/VBScript with the exception of a ButtonEncryptionLib in [apparently] managed C in .NET.

After a day of tinkering, I finally got OpenSSL compiled and the ButtonEncryptionLib compiled against it producing a .NET assembly. From there I just had to create a CCW [Com Callable Wrapper] and whola! Dynamic button encryption within ASP. :-)

Tomorrow it’s back to hacking perl and trying to stop playing damn games all the time on the new vid card.

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