This case is really aggrivating me as of late. Here’s exactly how I feel about it.

First, Congress and that tard Jeb have no right, no right to get involved, especially with these bullshit tactics they’re pulling today in Congress. When the judges have ruled already, they need to stay the fuck out of it. Period.

All of a sudden these pricks care and pull an emergency session? What the fuck? They’re never in a damn hurry to do any other damn thing for the people like jobs, food, and money. DOn’t get involved now.

Now, for the issue at hand.

First of all, her parents need to stay the fuck out of it as well. Once she got married, her husband is the decision maker, not them. Period. That is one of the reasons have to get married now a days is to ensure who the primary care decision maker is. It’s too bad for them that they don’t agree with their son in law, but that’s just the way it has to be. They can’t be allowed to thwart his legal right to make the decisions.

Second, I understand the issue about removing the feeding tube. I admitedly feel a little quirky about that. If she were unconcious and they were removing the breathing tube, I would have no qualms about it. Technically, yes, his decisions is startving her to death. I personally couldn’t make that decision for a stranger.

However, I dare you to find one damn person who is apposed to this this action who would truthfully want to live in the permant state she is in. I wouldn’t. Let me die. And I couldn’t let Margo live that way either if she didn’t wish to.

Let us no forget one very fucking important fact, that according to her doctors she is in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of recovery. Read that again: persistent vegetative state with no hope of recovery.

There are those who say that Michael just wants the million dollar malpractice award and to marry his long time girlfriend. I call bullshit on that.

First, after 15 years worth of medical bills and now this court stuff, there is no more million dollars. Second, of course he wants to move on. If he was so evil, he could’ve divorced her and taken the money and gotten remarried. But he hasn’t.

Why? Because maybe he really is trying to carry out his wifes wishes, and we all need to stay the fuck out of it.

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