From the most-useless-steps-to-prevent-terrorism department. Giving directions to my house used to be pretty easy: 4 lights, 4 streets, and turn right at the USPS drop off box. Well, they’ve managed to fuck that up for me.
While driving home one day from the other side of town, I noticed that the USPS drop off box was gone. I almost missed my street that’s how used to seeing it I usually am. I didn’t think much about it for a while.

Yesterday morning, I heard on the radio that many local residents were complaining that their drop off boxes were gone. The reason? I’m not even making this up. “These boxes could be used in terrorist activities, so we’ve removed the least used drop off boxes”. What?
Now if the USPS wants to save a few pennies and remove a few boxes so drivers can save time. Fine. Tell me that. I’ll understand. But removing them because they could be used to terrorist purposes is the most retarded excuse I’ve ever heard.

So, let me get this straight. Terrorists must prefer to use only the least popular boxes, but leave the most popular ones alone? Unfucking believable.


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