I think most people on either side are missing two important facts:

First, she is in a persistant vegitative state as declared by many doctors and the Fl courts.

Second, as her husband, her legal guardian, he is doing nothing illegal by removing her feeding tube according to current law. If it were illegal, neither the nurses nor doctors would do it and he would be charged with a crime.

With those two things in hand, the courts, the goverment, the PRESIDENT, and even her parents need to stay out of it. Period. Regardless of what you may or may not think about him, or how you feel about her state.

Now for what really irks me. In many states, they passed a supposed ban on gay marriage that also screwed up many rights of non-married couples, calling into question the legality of living and regular wills and power of attorney between non married hetero couples. So their answer is “get married then”. Fine.

Now legal guardianship and power of atty. is going to end up unenforcable and worthless because of actions like this from the government when it’s not their place.

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