Well, I may have not finished the list for today, but I made a big dent and fixed another problem as well.
I’ve put together to following sets of MT 2.51 patches that may never be of use to anyone but me.

MTEntryTrackbackID could easily be a plugin instead of patches, but I’m hoping that they might
make it into the core MT program. If not, then a plugin it will become.


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As mentioned earlier, this set of patches allows me to specify what local ip or ip:port the server should
bind to before sending out recently-updated or trackback pings.


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When circumstances decided that I needed to manually build my trackback urls, I quickly found out that
the was no <$MTEntryTrackbackID$> tag to be found. There is now. :-)


Looks like the <$MTEntryTrackbackID$> code will make it’s way into MT at some point
in the future. Although I realized today that I forgot to do the documentation patch for the new tag.
Doh! Should have that done shortly.

Ben brought up a good point about the MTPingInterface: globalize it and put it in in
mt.cfg. Duh. Don’t know why I missed that one. I’m also entertaining the idea of of adding
a setting in there to send pings through the proxy server as well.

Ben also pointed out that there is an AdminCGIPath setting in mt.cfg that
appears to solve my problem. I missed it in the the CONFIGURAITON SETTINGS prtion of the docs. RTFM.

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