It’s been so long since STALKER was anounced, and postponed, and postponed, and postponed that I had never noticed that it actually came out. I snagged a copy at the evil Best Buy while I was out and about last night, along with a copy of Quicken 2007 since my 2004 CrippleWare won’t do online crap after the 30th of the month. Sigh.

I was also checking one some of the new line of 17" Core2 laptops on the market. I hate HP craptops. I would never buy one again. The Toshiba Satellite 17"s look nice. My only beef is that the 105 Series has this insane narrow right shit key because they squeeze in a 10-key pad. Who the hell needs that. Totally worthless to me with a narrow shift key. Sames goes for keywords whom move the backslash key, or narrow the backspace key. Don’t fuck with keyboard layouts please. It pisses off programmers.

Sam’s Club of all people has a great deal on a Core2 17" Toshiba with 2GB DDR2 and a 120GB drive with Vista Premium for like $1200. That’s a great deal with the exception of a close model of that on NewEgg.

I will says this for the overpriced 17" MacBook Pro: The keyword is full size. No narrowed key nonsense. To bad is only has one mouse button. :-P

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