Gogle is an amazing thing. This site is not yet ‘live’, aka I still shut the servers off at night until I feel they are ready for prime time.
So that fact that Google found the time to spider my site, and that I show close to the top for something is really cool.

Now granted, that ‘something’ is that stupid I’m a Cow song I mentioned earlier, but hey, I’ll take it. :-)

Google.com Screenshot
Click for larger image.

Once again, the loser factor kicks in! I figure this out by looking at the traffic logs. I pitty the poor sap who actually finds this link, then finds that song.
It stays in your head for weeks at a time!!! Must…not…listen……to….that………

Chew my cud, eat my hay. Same olde damn thing every day…


In true St. Murphy fashion, the minute I posted this, the search results changed. Damn, they ARE fast over there at Google.

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