Justice Files is a site dedicated to assembling and publishing already publicly available information on law enforcement officials, including their criminal records (think about that for a second) in the state of Washington on a county by county basis.

Apparently, the courts tried to shut him down, but were overturned since all the info is already public information. To you sir, I say bravo. I think it’s only fair that the people in or working for the government feel the same loss of privacy that the rest of us feel; all for the name of national security of course. Could be terrorists posing as cops you know.

This is the court order that is restricting this site: Order of Judge Robert H. Alsdorf. In Judge Alsdorf s statement “…..Defendants’ site offers to remove this personal information ………. bear some resemblance to blackmail……” is interesting. Alsdorf s’ order to remove SSN’s from this site is one of those orders that is the pot calling the kettle black. Without the SSN’s this site would not have been able to show the criminal records of Kirkland police officers, especially officers Keys extradition to LA County on a felony charge. A FELON is not allowed to poses or be around a firearm. Why is this guy a cop?

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