So the mortgage company called Friday, and I returned their call this morning.
Apparently in our post 9/11 stupidity, all parties giving “Gift money”, which Margeaux did to me, must have their SS# run through the terrorist checks (whatever the hell those are). How fucking retarded.

For the purposes of buying a house, there are only 2 people who can give you gift money: blood relative and your fiance. What a time to find our your s.o. is a terrorist. Even more idiotic is the fact that we’re talking about $4,000. That’s right four thousand dollars. They would run the same “check” if it were $25.

If were going to accept money from a terrorist, it sure as shit would be a whole lot more than $4000; more like $1,000,000. Just another waste of taxpayer money at work.

What’s scary about that is the fact that people have already been barred from airlines because some jackass hit the wrong key and flagged some 7th gen Iowa farmers as “terrorists”. Can you imagine finding out you can’t close on your new house because some dipshit made the same kind of mistake?

But hey, at least our airports are secure now.

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