It’s official: Best Buy can suck my left testage. Their lack of ability in servicing their customer or providing service on their extended is amazing.
For those keeping score, here’s whay happened so far:

  1. Purchased HP N5450 Laptop + Extended Warranty
  2. Power jack dies after a year and a half.
  3. Take to Best Buy on Dec. 22, 2002 for repair.
  4. Wait 2 weeks. They order motherboard and don’t use it.
  5. Wait another 2 weeks. The order jack and resolder the motherboard.
  6. Pick up laptop on Jan 17, 2003. Boots fine in the store.
  7. Return home. Laptop stops working after the 15 minutes.
  8. Return to Best Buy that night. Laptop boots. Got excuse about power surge.
  9. Return home. Laptop still won’t boot plugged into UPS.
  10. Remove battery. Won’t boot in the morning.
  11. Return to Best Buy for re-repair.
  12. Call manager on Jan 20, 2003. Will “rush repair”.
  13. Call repair center on Jan 27, 2003. LAptop hasn’t even been touched.

There you have it. A crock of horse poop in my opinion. CompUSA and any manufacturer could have this repair completed in 7 days, including shipping.
So, more phone calls. The latest plan:

  1. Motherboard arriving today, Jan 29, 2003.
  2. Install mobo today ot tomorrow.
  3. Ship back to Best Buy on Thirsday, Jan 30th, 2003.
  4. ????

Place your bets. If I don’t see this laptop fully functional by Monday, I will become the official pissed off customer in the store on a crowded evening.

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