My auto insurance is with State Farm, and they’ve never done me wrong. The womans auto insurance is with MetLife. We are NOT married, but living together. Whenever she calls them to change her address from the old house, they want a copy of my proof of insurance, and/or my SS#.

My response to her (it’s not her fault) is to tell them to take a hike. My insurance and my SS# for that matter, is none of their friggin business. They then tell her that without it, they’ll put me on her insurance. My response is, if that happens, to call them and demand they remove me. This kind of shit drives me crazy

When she lived at her old apartment, these bozos put her upstairs neighbors’ 16 year old on HER insurance policy without even asking just because they had the same address. Imagine the trouble that would cause if he had an accident?

A friend at work had problems with his insurance company because someone who live at his address before him had an accident? What the fuck is wrong with these people? That said, the problem is this CLUE bullshit.

Now I’m fine with insurance companies sharing accident history. But who is the fucking moron that decided that auto history should be BY ADDRESS and not by SS#, or drivers licence number? Retarded.

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