Who’s on first?

What’s on second. Third base. I don’t give a darn.


Just the fax ma’m:

  • my bills come addressed to Christopher H. Laco
  • 30ish years of age and counting
  • there’s no place more exciting than Akron, Ohio
  • at work, they claim I am the Jack of all trades, Webmaster of none


This sites construction is a huge departure from where I was a year ago. Not to mention that it probably is way more complicated than it has to be for 90% of it’s content, but that is on purpose. :-)

Stop back later. I plan up creating a section under Projects that goes into great detail of how I built this site.


While you are reading this, I am furiously not working on this site. That’s what the trained shaved monkeys are for.


Good ole’ Tallmadge, Ohio. Yes, that’s right. The excitement capital of northeast Ohio. NOT.


This site is my attempt to get back into the website creation groove.

It’s been far too long since I’ve had a personal website, and I need to scratch that itch. Plus, I have way to many opinions about various topics to keep under wraps any more. I’ve spent the last year or so maintaining existing websites @work and @home, and now it’s time to get back on the wagon.

The other reasons I built this website:

  1. Because I can damnit, because I can!
  2. Force myself to get my new servers operational.
  3. Get converted away from Windblows web development
  4. Learn more FreeBSD stuffs
  5. The monkeys made me do it!@#$%
  6. Learn more Perl stuffs
  7. To much free time on my hands
  8. Learn more AxKit stuffs
  9. Taunt others from afar
  10. Learn more Apachestuffs
  11. And get converted away from Windblows webdevelopment!
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